Royal Accolades

ProofingQueen is a godsend – honestly, even when you don’t ask her to work on your business, she is thinking about it. We could not be where we are today without Sharon and her eagle eye. Not only does she have incredible attention to detail, but she has made it a priority to ensure she is up to date on all brand guidelines. She is certainly the queen of the proofing world, and proofing is her calling. Always available, always reliable, looks at more than just copy, looks at entire branding of the client, goes over and above just proofreading. We love her!
– From your friends at TAXI Vancouver
For several years, Sharon has provided Kirk & Co. with effective proofing services for many of our large-scale projects. We continue to be impressed by her professionalism and efficiency, and by her unwavering ability to meet deadlines and offer worthy input.
– Kirk & Co. Consulting Ltd.
ProofingQueen’s services definitely put my mind at ease – I wasn’t nearly as nervous as usual when I opened that first box of brochures! It was very reassuring to know that someone with fresh eyes had proofed it for us, and I’ll definitely be using her services again.
– Goldie Alam, Vice President Marketing, Polygon
Great job on the BlackBerry files – very thorough and fast! Thanks for meeting our wild deadlines.
– Kim McMullen, Principal/Creative Idealist, Flipside Creative
ProofingQueen’s astonishing attention to detail, awesomely fun personality, and cogent feedback never cease to impress us. She has become a critical part of our creative process. We’d hate to live without her.
– Jon Shanahan (formerly at Braun/Allison), now at Toolbox Design
Utilizing the ProofingQueen is like buying insurance – but the good kind of insurance. The kind of insurance where you can actually see the value! Sharon has the ability to balance rigid style-guide editing rules with client quirks and ‘adspeak’ to ensure that the work we create on behalf of our clients is mistake-free, with copy that flows rather than confounds. I would highly recommend the ProofingQueen to any agency or client who wants to push their work to the next level.
– Tim McAlpine, President & Co-Creative Director, Currency Marketing
Sharon is an Argus-eyed professional proofreader. Her attention to detail and keen eye for infelicities of style and format are superlative and her annotated PDFs clear and comprehensive. She’s a pleasure to work with.
– Edie Van Alstine, Manager, Quality Assurance, McMillan
We have a rule in our studio – don’t let anything leave the building until Sharon has put her eagle eyes on it. She’ll catch things a dozen other people will miss. It’s way better (and cheaper) to have Sharon catch the typo before you (finally) see it in print.
– Sian Pairaudeau (formerly with Braun/Allison), now Project Manager, Invoke Media
It is our pleasure working with Sharon, the ProofingQueen. She is professional, reliable and a valued member of our team at Rennie Marketing Systems. In our business, proofing mistakes are extremely costly, dollar-wise and time-wise – Sharon’s work has saved us from both. Thank you, Sharon!
– Rennie Marketing Systems
I have had the pleasure of working with Sharon for many years. A colleague passed along her name as a resource, and I have not looked back. I have recommended ProofingQueen services to many colleagues and clients when asked for my opinion on resources for hire, and their expectations have always been exceeded. The level of service, professionalism and detail are something you cannot put a price on. She is amazing!
– Irene Bennett, Vice President, Production, Currency Marketing
Organized, focused and very efficient describes this “Queen”. Ms. McInnis is attentive to all the demanding details that can easily be overlooked. Highly recommended. A pleasure to work with.
– Terry Zacharko, Zacharko Design Partnership
Ummm…how do you spell SUPERSTAR?? You’re the best. Thanks!
– Simina Grigoriu, Print Production Manager, Quiznos Canada
You’re the best. I don’t know how you do it. But we’re sure grateful and happy to have found you.
– Lisa Bruce (former Director of Marketing, rareEarth Project Marketing), now President, Cascada Communications
You’re hilarious! I love that you included the context of the food quote! Oh, and don’t be sorry about finding things. This is why you’re the best.
– Laurel Miller, Graphic Designer Extraordinaire
ProofingQueen has been my secret weapon during my entire career. No matter how perfect I think my projects are, ProofingQueen will always prove me wrong and identify big and little fixes. Her grammatical knowledge and fact-checking skills are second to none. She is fast, amazing to work with and someone I couldn’t do my job without.
– Ainslie Fincham, Marketing Manager, Grouse Mountain Resorts (formerly with Boston Pizza, Quiznos, Saatchi & Saatchi and Robeez Footwear)
I have hired Sharon for various projects and am always astounded by her keen eye and her ability to be flexible and to understand client preferences. She is always accessible and works within the ridiculous timelines that I sometimes have to pass on to her. She is my number one proofreader and I highly recommend her to everyone.
– Jennifer Wallis (formerly at Cossette), now at Fusion Communications Group
Over the years, ProofingQueen has become an invaluable part of our process. That critical fresh pair of eyes is essential, and Sharon McInnis is a true pleasure to work with. The investment has been more than worth it.
– Braun/Allison Inc.

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