We stop typos dead in their tracks, obviously. We also scan for basic grammar (anyone feeling “tense”?), punctuation problems (comma police, move along: nothing to see here) and, of course, correct spelling (“their” more common than you think).

But in our realm, proofreading goes a whole lot further.

Every piece we review receives the royal treatment. That means we ensure your usage is flawless – no passive constructions in our court – and appropriate for your audience. We make sure your “voice” is consistent, and names are spelled correctly. (Yes, we know that the Senior VP of Entire Empire, Inc. provided the copy, but are you sure that the spelling of every name was double-checked? Highly unlikely…) We also dial phone numbers, check URLs, ensure number agreement, check image accuracy, and triple-check everything possible. We check for number accuracy, and ensure that headers and footnotes are correct and consistent. And on and on.

We are fanatical about making sure that everything we review leaves our royal chambers…err, desk – in perfect condition. So you can focus on other tasks, knowing your work is perfect.

We groom every piece, in fact, until it’s worthy of an audience with the queen. (Or – more importantly – with your customers.)

But there’s more to consider. If you’ve got the details wrong somehow, you’ll still wind up in the professional dungeon. That’s why we check and double-check every fact in your project.

And if you receive feedback that looks like it’s been copied by an illiterate monk on a wet piece of parchment, what good is that? Our markups are of an altogether more regal character.


We hereby herald ProofingQuips, wherein we feature highlights of our reign, random regal thoughts, tidbits of royal wisdom, and other sundries to amuse the Queendom!


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