So, once the material is thoroughly proofread and
fact-checked, how do our comments arrive? We tried sending them on a scroll with a herald, but that posed obvious problems, and heads rolled (so to speak). So we devised a system that is better for everyone.

Our eminently useful feedback comes to you in a masterfully marked-up PDF. This format makes it easy to understand exactly what changes we’re suggesting, and lets us detail why we’ve suggested a change. We also document our online and printed sources, giving you backup if anyone in your court wants to confirm our rationale for a change.

Our marked-up comments are designed to be shared with others, and they’re easy to print out. (We’ve banished confusing and paper-wasting printouts – you know, the ones that use numbered sticky notes with connecting lines across too many pages – to the dungeon!)

In summary, ProofingQueen’s marked-up PDFs:

  • Are clearly annotated and easy to read (onscreen or in a printout)
  • Are handy to email to every member of the project team
  • Provide clear suggestions on the thornier issues, with references to online/printed sources
    to help resolve the question (or to win any arguments with your team)
  • Allow you to delete the changes you don’t agree with before you send off the marked-up PDF for further review or to your studio for updating

We hereby herald ProofingQuips, wherein we feature highlights of our reign, random regal thoughts, tidbits of royal wisdom, and other sundries to amuse the Queendom!


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