Think you got that historical date right? Fairly sure you have the correct title for the poem that’s being placed on the inside cover? Numbers got you feeling, erm, crunched?

Few professionals have time (or inclination) to dig in and verify these more granular details. We love this kind of thing. Really. It pleases us greatly. (In fact, we often have to stop ourselves from getting too thorough – always, of course, staying within the timeframe and budget.)

We double-check every fact – especially the tricky ones – and give you our recommendations as to how to handle them. We want to make sure that your materials are as accurate as possible.

For every project, ProofingQueen automatically:

  • Checks all facts, stats and figures
  • Dials all phone numbers
  • Enters all URLs in a browser to ensure that they are correct (and live)
  • Ensures compliance with specified style guides, legal wording, and client preferences
  • Double-checks spelling of names
  • Ensures number agreement
  • Indicates gaps, orphans, kerning and other typography issues
  • Confirms accuracy of quotations
  • Checks everything but the word “the” – and even that gets a second glance!

We hereby herald ProofingQuips, wherein we feature highlights of our reign, random regal thoughts, tidbits of royal wisdom, and other sundries to amuse the Queendom!


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