Proofing your own work is difficult. Bleary-eyed, tired and way too close to the project at hand, even the noblest professionals miss errors. Besieged by tight deadlines, it gets even tougher.

That’s where ProofingQueen® comes in.

ProofingQueen is Western Canada’s premier proofreading and fact-checking authority. We comb your materials for errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. But we also check everything else. And we mean everything*.

ProofingQueen has become an essential part of the production process for dozens of ad agencies, design studios, and in-house marketing departments across the country.  They all know that, with our help, every single piece they deliver to the market will be absolutely flawless.

After more than 30 years in the communications business – in the design studio, the advertising agency, and on the client side – we get your world. So we nimbly balance rigid style guidelines against adspeak and client quirks.

And – crucially – we know that you need our comments on time and on budget.

We believe our service is an essential one. And judging from the accolades we receive from our royal court, our clients agree.

*Visit our proofreading and fact-checking pages for more detail.


We hereby herald ProofingQuips, wherein we feature highlights of our reign, random regal thoughts, tidbits of royal wisdom, and other sundries to amuse the Queendom!


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