Frequently Asked Questions

How much does ProofingQueen cost?
We offer a premium service and our clients find our work well worth the expense. But, because we provide very specialized services and we review an incredibly wide range of materials, our costs vary. So please contact us – we would be pleased to provide you with a quote on any project.

How quickly can ProofingQueen respond with comments?
For smaller projects, turnaround is fast – usually overnight. When it comes to larger jobs, we take great pride in delivering on schedule. We don’t hold up the process; we save time. And after all, time is money.

What if I don’t agree with ProofingQueen’s comments?
That’s the beauty of our marked-up PDF – it allows you to accept or reject our comments as you wish. We just help you see the (potential) problems. From there, you still have complete control. (But we don’t recommend you keep the spelling errors!)

What doesn’t ProofingQueen check?
Generally, we avoid proofing materials in languages other than English, but this rule has exceptions: we have worked – side by side with translators – in 15 other languages. We definitely don’t proof HTML code, complex mathematical equations, or hieroglyphics. But beyond that, send it our way! We’ll let you know if there is any reason we might not be able to promise you a perfect result.


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